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Australia and New Zealand Cruises

Set sail for The Land Down Under! Discover the wonders of the Southern Hemisphere with a luxury Australia and New Zealand Cruise.

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From glitzy cosmopolitan offerings to awe-inspiring natural wonders, a cruise to Australia and New Zealand has something for every kind of traveler.

The Best of the Southern Hemisphere

A luxury Australian cruise combines the old and the new in the most delightful ways. Your on-shore experiences will provide a first-hand look at ancient Aboriginal lands, the sophistication and vibrancy of dazzling coastal cities, and some of the most dramatic and varied landscapes in the world. Whether you are interested in cultural experiences or setting off on a rugged adventure, you’ll be sure to find plenty to delight in as you sail the Coral and Tasman Seas.

Our travel specialists offer luxury Australian and New Zealand cruises that are sure to exhilarate and inspire. Visit the stunning port of Sydney with its iconic opera house, revel in the majesty of New Zealand’s Milford Sound, and encounter the distinctive wildlife along the remote shores of Tasmania. Along the way, experience world-class comfort and impeccable service on board your luxury liner.

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An Intimate Look at Australia and New Zealand

You could spend a lifetime on the continent of Australia and not know all its secrets. That’s why our luxury Australian cruise options have expertly curated itineraries with a plethora of on-shore excursions to immerse you in culture and adventure. Snorkel in the pristine waters of Tasmania, dine beside the black coral coastlines of the Bay of Islands, or explore the hot water pools in Tauranga while admiring its famous volcano in the distance.

For the foodie, the culinary culture down under is a world of its own. Try local delicacies and farm-to-table meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Sample some of the planet’s most distinctive wines, whether that’s a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s Marlborough region or a silky Pinot Noir from Australia’s Yarra Valley. Our travel experts can assist with all of your booking needs and help you make the most of your journey.

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The Luxury Cruise Connections Experience

Whether you are planning an Antarctic expedition or a sunny tour of the Greek isles, we can help you get the most out of your luxury cruise. Our Cruise and Vacation Specialists will help you secure the best cabin for your party, arrange any special accommodations and dietary needs, and handle all the details of your selected excursions. Our experience and connections mean you may enjoy:

  • Unadvertised and exclusive discounts
  • Onboard upgrades available through our Virtuoso membership
  • Detailed and personalized tour planning
  • Door-to-door travel arrangements including flights and hotel stays arranged by our concierge team

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